About Tracy

Hi! I’m Tracy Atkinson. Welcome to my site! One of my husband’s favorite pictures of me. Although our story starts about the time of this picture, my story does not. I have a firm belief that there are many different beginnings in each of our lives -when we are born, married, conversion, birth of our children and even divorce. About Tracy Atkinson

When I became a single mother of five children, I found myself wondering how I would support my children, household, and myself. I spent a lot of time becoming well acquainted with a catatonic state until I learned to laugh. What I realized was that I did not want to live on welfare. I did not want to be taken care of by someone else. I wanted to be independent. With the wonderful support of my parents, siblings and friends, I created a plan (and yes, I recognize the irony of depending on my family and friends after stating I wanted to be independent). I returned to school to work on my masters and continued on to work on a PhD. (Finishing the coursework — dissertation still hanging out there.) I studied whenever and wherever I could. I carried research and texts to my daughter’s tennis games, read in my car, researched while in the carpool line … you get the idea. To support my family, I worked odd jobs. I worked nights. I worked weekends. I worked when my children were spending time with their father. When they were home, I was home. I admit I was physically exhausted.

Returning to higher education was scary to me -just like starting this website – but I knew my passion for education. I’d devoted all my time and energies to teaching my children while serving and teaching in the schools. Never did I feel more energized than teaching. It came easily to me because I had a passion for it. I believed in it. I still believe in it. I believe in teaching and especially teaching by example as we each pave the way for new learners.